First post; welcome

We are launching this site to engage the community broadly in designing "fluidic droplet circuits" - the primary goal is multi-fold:

a) To bring design tools from droplet fluidic logic to a broader community; thus engaging a range of people in design and construction of fluidic logic and control. 

b) To allow users from around the world to suggest and post droplet circuits. We will build, test and share the best circuits submitted weekly or bi-weekly on this site. This is your chance to engage in the design and evolution of this technology platform by submitting your own design creations. 

c)  To bring the platform to a broader group of people for a wide array of applications. Advances in technology will also be shared on this platform. 


We have also launched a technology discussion forum where we will answer a broader range of questions about applications of the technology, next directions we are taking, and evolution and history of this platform. 


Droplet logic team